Traveller House Rules

Traveller assumptions and rules

Nuclear screens work vs particle beams.
Smaller ship universe.
Refined fuel is twice as efficient as unrefined

Carrier/Tender + 100kdt Hangers for Attack Craft, typically Corvettes
Dreadnought 40-100kdt Massively overstrength Capital ship
Battleships 10-30kdt Ship of line, armor and spinal mount.
Cruisers 3-7.5kdt Secondary vessel, mission specific.
Destroyers 1.5-2kdt Anti-ship vessels.
Escort 1-1.5kdt Flexible fleet attendants.
Frigate .5-1kdt Smallest warship proper.
Corvette <500dt Fast attack craft.

Additional roles;
Strike Fast, improved jump or m-drive
Assault Orbit to Surface interface.
Patrol high endurance, independent operations.

Imperial Naval Standards
Engineering Rated 3 at minimum.
Emergency Power, Redundant M-Drive, Redundant Sensors.
Jump In, Jump Out fuel. 30% and refined
Armor @ 10% mass.
Repair Bots
3 months stores.
1 month fuel
Armored Bulkheads for critical systems.

Capital Ship Math.
30% Fuel
10% Armor
10% Engineering
05% Bulkheads
02% Stores
01% Command, possibly more.
01% Repair Drones.

Traveller House Rules

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